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Why Garden Guides?

We offer custom services that enable us to be a good fit for a multitude of landscape needs. We can help you from start to finish with easy and transparent pricing, quality services, and knowledgeable guidance.


We assign each client a garden guide or helper to assist them in accomplishing their landscape goals. We offer on-site consulting and design work to help deliver great results!


By the hour, knowledgeable coaching on landscape design or technique. 

Garden Services

We can work with you or with our gardeners to tend to your landscape.


Custom on-site design services geared towards low maintenance and ecofriendly. 


Our guides can offer ongoing maintenance

services to keep things looking good. 


Learn design techniques, landscaping, trimming, mulching, and more!

And more...

Not sure if we offer the service? Just ask! We're happy to help. 

Up-front and Transparent Pricing

Initial Design Consultation: $195 minimum for up to 2 hours, $90 for every hour after. We do our best to design and budget your landscape within our design consultation window, however, large or elaborate projects may require more than one meeting.

Clean up consultation: $95 minimum for up to 1 hour, and $90 every hour after.  This consulting option is best for clients looking for a bid on trimming, mulching, weeding, etc. and may need a small amount of consulting. 

Hourly Garden Guide Services: $95 an hour for experienced garden guides to help teach you how to plan, implement, and maintain your landscape. Guides are available for design, consultation, nursery visits, and on-site training and management. 

Hourly Labor Services: $75 an hour for light to heavy field labor in the landscape. Labor can involve pruning, planting, mulching, haul off, etc.

Haul off: $150-$300 average fee plus labor for a full boxtruck or truck and trailer load of brush and debris hauled off to be composted.

Delivery: This is on a case by case basis due to the fact there are so many variables for this pricing. Let us help you get a plan, and we'd be happy to quote you a price!

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